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Families Bringing Families to Christ

We are a movement of Catholic Christian Communities who believe in the urgent need to respond to God’s call to proclaim and defend His Gospel on the family (Gen 1:28; Gen 2:24)

Couples or individuals who are being evangelized by FCJC members are invited at some point to what is called an LCS. The LCS is the entry point for membership in Families in Christ Jesus Community (FCJC), FCJC Singles (Single men or women ages 36 and above, widow, widower, husband or wife whose spouses are not ready to commit to FCJC), FCJC Young Adults (single men or women ages 18-35). The FCJC Youth (teenagers ages 12-17) join through a youth camp and the FCJC Kids (children below age 12) automatically become members as their parents join FCJC. More importantly, the LCS-1 for many, becomes the entry point for a continuing life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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