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Abraham intercedes for Sodom (READ Gen. 18:1; 22-32) 

Note: God was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if He found even just 5 righteous people. If God did that for Sodom, HE will surely also be willing to save or spare an Area, a State or a Country, if there are intercessors willing to “stay and pray at the breach.” 



1. To be an intercessory group of Women Prayer Warriors who will pray for the concerns of the FCJ Community of any given Area, on a Global, National and Local Area basis; and

2. To become a venue for the wives of FCJ Community Couple Servant Leaders as well as FCJC Women Servant Leaders, to fellowship and build strong relationships.



The group is primarily composed of wives of FCJC Couple Servant Leaders and Women Servant Leaders. Other women members who want to join are most welcome.


It is not mandatory for the leaders’ wives to attend especially if distance to the venue is the concern. Normally those who attend come from a comfortable radius from the venue.



The wife of the Top Area Servant Leader leads the prayers, although she can assign another Woman Servant Leader or Wife of a Council Elder to do it, as long as it is done in advance, so that ample preparations can be made. The Prayer Leader In-Charge may start with a short exhortation, a sharing or a reading.

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